Family values. Honesty. Integrity. Words frequently used, but all too often lacking the actions to support them. We believe in our approach and back this with evidence; linking our future success to yours. After all, it’s your money, assets and wealth – why work with someone who would not take the same care & consideration as you?

Our Methodology

Sailing the sea of your financial future is both art and science; the art of a great relationship, working together with someone you can trust to achieve your goals, combined with Sail the Stormy Financial Seasthe science of planning; like sailors of old, we can’t predict the next storm, but with training, experience & mathematics we aim to ride through the choppy seas to that beautiful horizon.

So what kind of science do we use to navigate these seas to your long-term success? Mathematics and patience.

Mathematics is needed to cut through promotional bias and flash literature from;  fund houses, investment companies, life assurance providers and mortgage lenders, and deal with the cold hard indisputable figures. In the video interview below, our Managing Director explains a little further, focusing on our Investment Philosophy, and how we use The Morningstar Adviser Workstation tool (technology) to help us achieve our client’s aims:

Extend that methodology to all areas of financial planning, one can approach a level of confidence in finance upon which to base life-changing decisions.

But more is needed; Patience to know that a financial plan is quite literally a life-long journey. Knee-jerk reactions to financial events lasting a year or two is like abandoning a worldwide voyage simply because the seas are choppy for a mile or two. Makes little sense, wouldn’t you agree?

Granted, you can only take this approach if you are confident in the ability of your financial planner to take you through the full journey; that is where our close relationship comes in, constantly making minor adjustments to the plan to reflect your changing circumstances and priorities.

Who Are We?

Basi & Basi Financial Planning Ltd has been established since 2010, a new company name for an old family firm; Ady Basi began in the financial service industry in 1994, and the prior firm of IFA Stop Ltd was finally replaced with Basi & Basi Financial Planning Ltd in 2011. Suitable for a new age of collective responsibility, the new name aims to emphasise our family and the values we hold dear.

As a firm, we target, not sales, but rather long lasting relationships with our clients to build a level of trust which can only be achieved over time.

As a growing family firm we feel we have collated an ideal combination of individuals – each with their own experience, qualifications and methods of providing the most suitable financial advice. We work as a team, utilising individual expertise for the benefit of our clients.

How many sources of independent financial planning can offer the following? :

  • Ady Basi, Executive Financial Planner: 20 years experience in the field, shortly to apply for Chartered status.
  • Michael Basi, Managing Director and Financial Planner: a former investment project manager for a multi-national investment bank.
  • Nicholas Basi, Financial Planner: a Financial Services degree graduate with first class honors.
  • Michael Draper, ParaPlanner: a highly experienced practice manager, including 20 years with Royal Mail
  • Links to highly commended accountants and solicitors, so as to provide you absolute financial planning if you so wish.
  • A firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. You deal with us, and we report to the Financial Services Authority, there are no middle men.
  • Members of the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry, a highly respected and established collection of London’s premier firms and organizations.
  • Leaders in client technology, with our own branded interactive iPhone app which allows our investment clients to see their portfolio 24 hours a day.
  • Offering you the client the choice between paying us by; fee, through commission payments (for non-investment products) or a mix of the two where appropriate, with the majority of our clients selecting an option involving a fixed fee, to assure true independence.

If you would like to take advantage of an experienced, highly qualified, technologically advanced team, then call, email or skype us now by clicking the relevant button below.