B.N.I is an international networking organisation, which allows businesses from different industries to get to know each other over an extended period, and where suitable provide each other’s contact details for clients to use.

B.N.I. is divided into a number of local groups, and each group has one firm from each industry present. Weekly breakfast meetings are held to refer clients who in the course of the previous week have expressed a need for some service offered by a fellow member. For each business, this enhances opportunities to assist their clients, providing a bank of contacts who become trusted business colleagues with the passing of time.

These small networking circles work extremely well, as we only recommend other members when we feel their services are as customer conscious as ours are, and vice-versa for members recommending our services. This method of providing service to each business’ clients is one we are proud to be a part of, and some of the members who we often recommend can be found on the Useful Contacts pages in the “Contact Us” section above.

Ady Basi has been a member of the Coventry Godiva section of BNI since it began, over 12 years ago and is currently the chapter treasurer.

Michael Basi is a member of the London Knightsbridge section of BNI, and like Ady is enjoying the provision of high quality service from truly professional connections now available to his clients. He is eager to recieve visitors to this chapter as it seeks to grow from well-founded beginnings.

Nicholas is currently awaiting the formal inception of the London Mayfair section of BNI, and like Ady and Michael is working hard to publicise this excellent opportunity to provide complete client service to fellow professionals, and cannot wait to be involved with ‘Givers Gain’ philosophy.

B.N.I Coventry Godiva


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