Michael Draper

Office and Senior Account Manager

During his significant tenure within Royal Mail, Michael laid the groundwork for his current extensive experience which he brings to bear overseeing all elements of the business and directly handling all senior client cases.

This background in the corporate finance division of a major public sector company for 26 years, managing his own team with senior reporting duties, well equipped Michael for the transition to managing financial planning firms from 2004 as he strove to challenge himself with new interests. Since then, he has continued to demonstrate the same tenacity, innovation, commitment and ability which made his success at Royal Mail and continues to contribute to our success now.

Having undertaken extensive training in change management, in addition to financial reporting and analysis skills, Michael is well equipped to deal with both the changing nature of client circumstance and indeed the economic and regulatory environment within which the firm operates.

In his spare time, when not pursuing his keen equestrian interests, Michael can be found in the pages of a good historical novel – or brushing up on his Mandarin Chinese!