Financial Planning, where undertaken, is usually considered to be necessary, yet time-consuming; productive, yet boring.

Whilst the skill of financial planning firmly rests with the planner, we believe that advanced technology can play a significant role in the financial planning process, bringing efficiencies which mean your planner spends more time talking with you and planning. Data to ensure these recommendations are based on correct factual information. Reporting to demonstrate independence.

In addition, technology can make this a quicker and more engaging process for you, the client; something which engages your attention. After all, if you find something quick and interesting, you are likely to return to it, and this is they key to financial planning; constant attention.

The purpose of delivering such technology is to keep you in touch with your money; after all, we are simply stewards of this employed to help money enable your life goals. You should know and understand what is happening with your funds – even right to your mobile phone – so you stay in touch with your financial plan for your life or business.

This mixture of irreplaceable human skill and understanding together with cutting-edge technology allows us to provide the high standards of service we set ourselves. The following are just some of the examples of how we lead the industry in terms of providing technology which enables true financial life planning:

SmartPhone Tools

Research Tools

Practice Management Tools

Social Media

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