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Many Financial Planners and Financial Advisers claim they are “Whole of Market” and Independent, but have you ever considered what this truly means?Research Tools

For example, let’s consider just the field of investment advice. Let’s remove every other type of investment, apart from on single sub-category; Open Ended Investment Funds available for UK Investors. How many funds do you think there would be to choose from? Hundreds? Thousands?

As of January 25th 2012, the answer is 26,003 (Source: Morningstar UK). That’s correct, over twenty-six thousand funds – and that is just UK based OEIC funds, never mind closed-end funds, investment trusts, pension funds, offshore investments etc.

Do you believe that any person, or people, could remember and know the details of all of these options for investment?

We live in a complex world, which requires light switches to enable us to continue working past the approach of night; which requires television to feed us information on the world around us; a world which requires mobile phones to manage our contact with fellow humans. We are used to using technology to help us manage complexity – would you expect someone you are relying on for advice and planning to do anything less?

We use certain tools which aim to enable us to provide a high level of service; properly applied into our methodologies to allow us to spend more time with you, the client, talking to you about your goals and advising on solutions to help meet them.

The main tools we use are listed below; a significant investment for our firm, to ensure independence for you.

We are happy to share this information with you; even if you are not a client, why not ask your current source for financial planning which systems they use, and whether you can see them, and compare with the below?

But please remember, as with all tools, they are only as effective as the operator is skilled! Please click on the tools for further information on them:

We use these systems which aims to ensure that whichever services we are providing, the utmost detailed data is collected before any recommendations or arranging are made.

Below are a few images of the different researching tools we use, covered in detail via the links above.

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