Morningstar Adviser Workstation

Morningstar Adviser Workstation is at the centre of our firm, and provides us with a wealth of data to help enable our financial planning philosophy to work in practice. As global leaders in the field of investment data – the supplier of fund data for the Financial Times – we are confident that the data and expertise supplied meets the highest standards our clients expect.

We have invested in the use of their tools, fund and investment research to supplement our methodologies. The Adviser Workstation tool not only supplies all the data we need and filters this for us when we agree on criteria suitable for you, the client, but also provides us with reports and independent opinion and ratings on investments which we select. This adds confidence for you, the client, that the voice of your financial planner has independent analysis behind it.

Where appropriate we have built your portfolio, using our own research techniques, you are able to login to Morningstar through the web (see client area above) and our iphone/ipad app to view detailed reports and market data specifically based upon your investments.

Adviser Workstation then helps us to both build and monitor a customised investment portfolio; it is at the heart of our practice. In the video below, our Managing Director help explain our investment process, and how Adviser Workstation helps us to achieve this:

Basi & Basi Financial Planning – Investment Process & Tools

Below are images to show just a glimpse of the information we process for each investment we undertake. Every retirement and investment client will receive a full detailed report depicting a wealth of data on their investments.

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