Corporate Clients

At Basi & Basi Financial Planning we have extensive experience in helping small to medium organisations plan their financial futures. From start-ups requiring finance, to growing organisations looking to fulfill their legal obligations with regards to workplace pensions, through to success and the ability to take advantage of excess profits through investment options, to manage property tax effecitively, and provide protection for directors, shareholders and employees alike.

With a former investment project manager with a blue chip firm and a small business owner amongst the planning team, we have the experience to understand – from the inside – the challenges you are facing and the best way to plan forward.

It is our firm belief that financial planning should by no means be applicable to individuals only. If anything, corporate financial planning is more important because of the potential consequences of failing to act.

Employees are more and more interested in what else is offered by an employer, and their rights. Salary always will be on average the most important thing for a potential or current employee, but pension provision is not as far behind as some would think. With average life expectancy rising, the period in retirement is increasing and thus an income for this period is vitally important. Providing a suitable pension scheme is yet another feather in the cap for your firm in employee retention and attraction.

Contact us to discuss the options available to your firm and how you could possibly take advantage.