Life & Health Protection

When providing life & health protection advice, we conduct an independent analysis of a client’s life situation and their plans going forward and then we can analyse this to advise on a protection portfolio that covers all the major risks. At the very least, you will be fully aware of the risks you are carrying forward, even if you do not wish to consider any of the proposed measures.

Again, this analysis is not simple; for example, is the lowest life insurance premium the most suitable for your circumstances? Should critical illness cover be decided simply on cost? What about income protection? Private medical insurance? All of these are affected by a client’s life in totality – our independent financial advisers are trained to “translate” this information into professional advice.

For example, did you know there is significant variability between many policies in terms of the conditions covered? Our independent financial advisers are trained to not only know this, but to advise you which products are appropriate for  you, as a person, not simply the “cheapest”. After all, anyone can do that! Years of study, training and experience is required to effectively advise in the latter.

So why not just go to the first independent financial adviser on the street? Or the first bank? Or the first online “supermarket” you come across?

Once again, the principles of qualified independent advice apply – full, independent analysis of a client’s life situation and plans going forward need to be taken into account; a qualified, experienced independent adviser can then analyse this to produce a protection portfolio that covers all the major risks; and if not, at least allows the client, you, to know what risks are being carried.